The river through the eyes of a child

Anxious to bring the subject of the Odra River closer to children and try to see it through their eyes, we organized an art contest among primary school students. Our contest, which took place in 2010-2012, was entitled “The river through the eyes of a child” and we invited students from countries along the Odra river, that is from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

Children amazed us with how they view the river. For some of them, the Odra River is primarily a place where you can have a rest. One can spend pleasant time on the Odra River fishing, sunbathing or camping. The river meanders picturesquely through forests, fields and pastures.

For other students the Odra River is a waterway with barges, tourist ships and boats. The children also noted water structures and some of them painted pictures of bridges, and even dams. There were also paintings where the Odra River was an integral part of the city or just a state border.

We hope that our contest has become a proverbial grain that will once awaken within you the feeling of care the nature that surrounds us.

Have a look at the work of your peers!